Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emerald Tales - It was a Bright and Sunny Day

Emerald Tales Volume Two Number Two is now up on the website. http://www.scribblersandinkspillers.com/emeraldtales.html

A lot can happen on a bright and sunny day: a student writes a story; time flies by an old man sitting outside his home; a teacher gets hooked into playing a computer game; The FBI is on the trail of a serial killer; A man tried to avoid making the same mistakes that he did in his first marriage; a teacher meets a man who knows a bit more than she does about the Elizabethan era; the animals of the forest teach owl a lesson; a man investigates a meteorite; an elderly couple prepare for their great-grandson's visit; there's a New World Order following the philosophy of Margaret Thatcher; and someone has changed all the King's horses into ducks. With poetry by: John Hayes, Guy Belleranti, Matthew Byer, Amanda C. Davis, Marge Simon, Lauren McBride, Darrell Lindsey, and Michelle Mead.

Chunk Coffee and Sunny Days - short story - Jason Flum
The Forever Poem - poetry - John Hayes
The Old Man and the Hill - short story - Justin Whitney
Heir Error - poetry - Guy Belleranti
One of Those Addicting Games - short story - Laurie Dalzell
Grave Mistakes - short story - Cherie Reich
New Day - poetry - Matthew Byer
These Things Take Time - short story - Abra Staffin-Wiebe
Under the End - poetry - Amanda C. Davis
The Pirate's Lord - short story - Jenny Morientes
Northern Beach - poetry - Marge Simon
How the Owl Learned That Being Wise Isn't Everything - short story - Mario Milosevic
Global Swarming - short story - B. M. Kezar
Goodnight, Sunlight - poetry - Lauren McBride
Love, True Love - short story - Lisa Clark
It was a Bright... - poetry - Darrell Lindsey
Kilko - short story - Michael McGlade
Fashion of Denial - poetry - Michelle Mead
Down From a Duck - short story - Jennifer Schwabach

And if you go and look around the site, you will see that I have changed a few things. First of all, stories now open in a new window. This will make it easier to read the stories and get back to whereever you were when you clicked on the link. All you have to do is close the new window and baddaboom, you're back where you were.

You will also notice that the electronic versions of all the Emerald Tales and half of the Crystal Codices are now free downloads. The print versions still cost the same, because it costs money to print and ship these things out.

There also paypal donation buttons sprinkled throughout. Which is really important with the next bit of news.

You'll also noticed that I haven't posted a theme for August. I am putting Emerald Tales on hiatus after the June issue. I will open for submissions and post a new theme when I have received enough donations and saved enough money to pay the authors and poets.

Crystal Codices has also changed. I will pay US$50 flat rate instead of royalties for those stories. I had to make that change because I'm putting the electronic versions on the website.

Here's the link to the main page. http://www.scribblersandinkspillers.com/index.html Go take a look around.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Copper Wire - It was a Bright and Sunny Day

I just posted five new short stories on Copper Wire. These are supplemental stories to the "It was a bright and sunny day" issue of Emerald Tales which comes out next week. http://www.scribblersandinkspillers.com/copperwire.html

Basalt Point by B. Moon

A Change in the Weather by Neil James Hudson

Bed Time Story by Lisa Rusczyk

The Noble Lie by P. E. Zimmerman

In Case of Dragon by Bruce Golden


I'm making some big changes to the website, more on that next week when I'm done.