Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lots to Read!

I've posted a lot of stuff on the website in the past week. I forgot to let everyone know about it.

Two new poems on Copper Wire, Alphabet Meandering by Matthew Byer and Summerscaping by Changming Yuan. I thought they were rather interesting. :)

A Matter of Credibility, the June installment in The Annals of Hypnosia is also up.

All of the electronic versions of the Crystal Codices are now online and free to read. (I'll have a new one in July sometime.)

And the June issue of Emerald Tales, Midsummer's Eve, is now online!

On Midsummer's Eve, a young woman and her family visit the aunts who raised her, a trip outside the dome turns deadly, the seventh child of the seventh child must repay a debt, a cartoon character comes to life, a young woman faces disappointment, a village is invaded during their midsummer ritual, and a woman's true love is revealed to her.

A Visit with the Tantes - short story - Laurie Dalzell
Midsummer's Triolet - poem - Lauren McBride
Outside - short story - Peter Caunt
Midsummer's Eve Mess-up - poem - Guy Belleranti
The Seventh Child - short story - E. Hull
Midsummer's Night Dream - poem - Grace Galton
I Found Love on Channel 3 - short story - Bruce Golden
Heat - poem - John Hayes
A Midsummer's Baby - short story - K. S. Dearsley
Midsummer's Magic: A Series of Haikus - poem - Patricia Puckett
Firebird's Embrace - short story - Faith Boughan
Starry-eyed Predictions - poem - Wynne Huddleston
Midsummer Rose - short story - Eliza Granville
Midsummer's Eve Reminiscing - poem - Darrell Lindsey

As my dance teacher, Michael, used to say, "That'll keep you busy!" :)