Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heroes Don't Take Vacations

The July installment of The Annals of Hypnosia, "Heroes Don't Take Vacations," is now posted. Serafyr on vacation. Will he survive? ... Just barely :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comment Moderation and other Stuff

Well, it seems that the Asian spammers have found my blog and think that is okay to post their garbage in the comments section of my posts. The only thing that I have to say to them is that doing that is really really bad karma, dudes. I've turned the comment moderation on for now. May their computers get really nasty viruses, trojans, and worms then blow up taking their fingers off.

In other news and as the Brits would say, I'm moving house. Translated into American, I'm moving. The house is staying here. My stuff is going into an apartment over on the coast. I'll be closer to the beach. :)

I've been living with my mother for the past four years for various reasons. While she still works and takes care of herself, she is almost 80 years old and feels safer having someone live with her. Due to circumstances, mainly my brother being an idiot, my brother moved in a couple of weeks ago. So, now I am free to move out. Yippee!

What this means to you, me dear blog followers and submitters to Scribblers and Ink Spillers is that one, I am way behind in dealing with submissions to Crystal Codices and two, I won't have a new theme for Emerald Tales for several months. BUT, once I get settled into my new home on the coast, I will get Scribblers and Ink Spillers back on track and start blogging a bit more, too. :)

Mette's next story in the Annals of Hypnosia will be posted on Thursday. And the August story should be on time, as well.

I'll also have a new story or two for Crystal Codices coming out on or around September 1.