Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Until Further Notice - Closed for all Submissions

My recent move over to the coast really wiped me out. As I've explained before, I have Multiple Sclerosis and it affects my cognitive function. Even though I have been in my new apartment for over two weeks now, I can't seem to get my mind to function.

I haven't been this bad in over ten years. And so, I am closing the doors to all submissions until further notice. When,if my brain decides to start functioning again and I've given up hoping that it will be anytime soon, then I'll reopen for submissions.

The next installment of The Annals of Hypnosia will be up in a day or three. And I will have one more story in Crystal Codices up in September. It was the last submission that I was able to effectively evaluate. I'm going to have to beg Lindsey to edit it for me. (Okay, I do pay her for proofreading.)

And if you didn't get your copy of Emerald Tales Follow the Butterflies, you better hurry quick and do so as I should have taken them down two weeks ago. And I will be taking them down next.

Oh and this is the beach that I moved to. Notice the lack of hoardes of tourists. :)