Friday, May 6, 2011

Princess Goes Grocery Shopping

Yesterday, the Huffington Post reported the earth-shattering, world changing news that Prince William's new wife went grocery shopping on Thursday. They picked up the report from The Daily Mail. I'm rather disappointed that the irrelevant news coming out of Pakistan took up so much space that they couldn't print an inventory of her shopping cart... Sigh... And so it begins...

I think most women would jump at the chance to marry a real prince or at least into a royal family, but I think the reality of Kate's experience would be that some aspects of it sucks rotten, royal bananas.

Think about it.

All you want to do is run out to the grocery store and pick up a few things. If you're a regular person like me, you just grab your car keys and go. If you're Princess Kate, you got to put on stylish clothes, fix your hair, do your makeup, and round up the bodyguards just to go to the grocery store and pickup some Diet Coke. A quick trip becomes a major expedition. Sheesh

And what if you need to make a trip down the feminine products aisle... with bodyguard in tow... EEK!

I'm not sure the perks would be worth the aggravation.

But aren't you glad that The Daily Mail and The Huffington Post are working night and day to bring us important news events such as this?


  1. After seeing the stupid hats, I'm thinking they must be a fun crowd. I'd be willing to put up with the scrutiny to hang with them. The only problem would be getting supplies for M&Ms. Not sure the Queen would approve of such establishments. ;)

  2. Your comment disappeared for a few days when blogger did its meltdown.

    LOL... I'm sure the tabloids would be all over their purchasing M&Ms. And then the Queen would be having a little talk about proper decorum. ;)