Friday, June 3, 2011

Mother Nature

Is it just me or has Mother Nature been throwing a temper tantrum?

Record snowfall, earthquake in New Zealand, earthquake and tsunami in Japan, record flooding, record tornadoes, record heat wave. And jeez a tornado in Massachusetts?!?

Wednesday was June 1st and the beginning of hurricane season and what did we have? A tropical disturbance that formed off the coast of North Carolina and then made a beeline southwest to Florida, the exact opposite direction that hurricanes usually track.

And while the rest of the eastern US is melting in 90 plus degree weather, down here on the Space Coast we're having lovely weather in the 80's. Warm enough for this native Floridian to go swimming but not so hot that you sweat when you're standing still in the shade.

Does anyone know any rituals for pacifying Mother Nature?


  1. You might try dancing naked around a bonfire on the beach at midnight.

    If it doesn't work, at least you'll have a cool you-tube video.

  2. Sigh. No bonfires on the beach at night: it confuses the nesting sea turtles.