Monday, October 3, 2011

The Perfection Monster

I drew a picture of the Perfection Monster. I was going to post it here so you could print it out and throw things at it when it showed up at your door and start throwing monkey wrenches into your creative endeavors, but alas, the picture isn't perfect...

I'm sure you've met the Perfection Monster before. He comes and sits on your shoulder while you are writing or creating something and says helpful things like:
"That's stupid."
"You stink as a writer. Just give up now."
"That's not going to work."
hahahahahahahahahahaha ... "You can't be serious" *snort* *guffaw*
"Bleah, what a lame idea."

The Perfection Monster is a valuable friend to have during the editing phase of writing. But during the creative phase, I tell him to shut up and go sit in the corner until I have finished the first draft, otherwise I would never get it done.

Some one suggested that I should be nicer to him and tell him to go have a beer or two until I'm done. But mine is mean and contrary. He requires a strong, no nonsense attitude to keep him quiet.

The Perfection Monster: Can't create with him, can't edit without him.


  1. I hate you, Perfection Monster! Hate hate hate! *a flowerpot shatters against the wall*

    You're right, that does feel great!