Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three Days

Three days .... In three days, I am launching the first issue of Emerald Tales ... THREE DAYS ... The panic is setting in. My to do list is a half a page long and includes such small tasks as revamp the website to add the shopping cart. *headdesk*

I will get it all done and on time, but if my friends or family decide now is the time to have a mental health crisis, well they're on their own. Temper tantrums to get my attention will also be ignored. Why is it when one is super busy and entirely focused on doing something that one's friends and family decide either a) they need you for something or b) to pitch a fit over something minor? What is up with that?

I'm off to whittle down that to do list.


  1. I think it's some quirk in the universe that makes people bother you when you need to focus. O:)

    Also, deep breath and keep going on the list. :D I can't wait for August 1!


  2. Holy cow, Bunny. You have become such a blogger. And to think, you didn't really have a lot of enthusiasm about this. You go girl!

    who hasn't been around
    but don't let that hurt your feeelings