Thursday, October 1, 2009

Emerald Tales - Masks or Appearances Can be Deceiving


Emerald Tales Volume One Number Two - Masks or Appearances Can Be Deceiving is done!
And online!
And on time!

Story Contributions:
Ashley by Lisa Rusczyk is about a very interesting blind date.
In Tricked you Good by Guy Belleranti, a thief masquerades as a clown on Halloween and gets a rather nasty surprise.
Promoting a Good Image by Ragna Brent is about two coworkers up for promotion. Which one will get it?
In The Honor System by Paula J. Stiles, a pregnant woman gets a little help from a stranger.
In The Black Swan by Darla J. Bowen, a masquerade ball is the perfect cover for an operative.
In A Steady Life by Jason Flum, two adult grandchildren learn more about the grandfather who raised them.
Barbecue by James Hartley, vegan aliens attend a neighborhood barbecue.
Operation: Totally Ducked Up by Lori T. Strongin, two very unlikely babysitters of a sweet little toddler. What could possibly happen?

Poetry Contributions:
A Versatile Visage by Lindsey Duncan
A Deck of Cards Tells All by Hal Sirowitz
This Mask I Wear by N. L. LeBlanc
Heart and Soul by Teresa Tunaley

Coming later today or tomorrow: Copper Wire, an online selection of free sample stories and poetry associated with Emerald Tales.

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