Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two New Stories for Copper Wire!

Woot! I've just published on Copper Wire two new stories.

Lado and the Butterfly by Raymond Koonce - a farmer encounters a giant butterfly while he is out working in his fields.


Soap and Bother or the World by Bryant Alexander - a prophecy sends a young man to the laundry room of the castle.

My history with Bryant's story is particularly interesting and I'm very pleased to have snatched it up. I first read his story about three and half years ago in the reviewing area of the writer's forum we belonged to. The story stuck in my mind. It's not very long, a little over a thousand words. But, it's funny and it stays with you. Stories that stick in the mind are the ones that I am looking to publish. All of the stories that I select for publication have that one quality, I remember them after I read them.

You, go read and enjoy them.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for publishing these stories! I enjoyed them. Lado and the butterfly left me feeling just a bit wistful. Soap and Bother or the World made me laugh. What a great combination!