Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just in Time for Holiday Shopping

I have two new titles for Crystal Codices!

Crime Rhymes - A Collection of Mystery Verse by Guy Belleranti. You may recognize the name, he sends me funny poetry for every issue of Emerald Tales that I can't resist including in either the print version or on Copper Wire. Last month, I twisted his arm real hard (You probably heard the screams. I did, and I live across the country from Guy.) and he sent me a collection of witty verse about criminals and criminal investigations. Some of them are limericks, some are plain verse. They're all amusing.

Looking-Glass Milk by Kristin Janz: Science Fiction fans will love this story. Tanais and Xichen, scientists, are on a mission to Alpha Centauri to analyze the biochemistry of the Centaurians. The results of the analysis will determine the fate of a group of Humans held prisoner for the death of a Centaurian.

Go here to check out all the titles in Crystal Codices.


  1. You shoulda waited until Black Friday. Tsk! ;-)

  2. You would think so, but actually, no. I learned this many years ago. Internet shopping starts on the weekend before Thanksgiving and is really heavy on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. People on vacation are bored out of their minds and start surfing the internet so they can avoid their families. :)

  3. That's actually kind of cool to know. Huh!