Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eighteen Years

That's how old my cat is. His birthday was yesterday, but the news of the earthquake in New Zealand drove the thought out of my mind.

Here's a pic of my boy.

His name is Wolverine after one of the X-men. Technically, he is my son's cat which explains his name, but he bonded with me so he lives with me.

Wolvie is very fortunate to be alive. Three years ago, he was attacked by a dog. The dog broke his jaw and I had to tube feed him for five weeks. He had some nerve damage and we weren't sure that he would ever be able to eat on his own again, but he regained enough function to eat soft food and some crunchy food. Though, he can't bite hard enough to break the skin so his squirrel and bird hunting days are over.

Anyway, happy belated birthday to Wolvie. I'm glad that he is a cat and not a kid. I don't have to worry about him drinking and driving or getting into the trouble that 18 year old boys tend to get into.

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