Friday, February 4, 2011

A Friday Funny

Enough of that serious malarkey in the last post. This weekend is the Superbowl and with it the Superbowl commercials which has become an event itself. VW has released its Superbowl commercial early. Spew alert! Swallow what you're drinking!

I don't know who the kid is in the commercial but his movements are wonderfully expressive.


  1. I *love* this commercial.

    It is definitely one of those, "Awesome commercial! ... wait, what was it for?" commercials, though.

  2. I know. I had to go look at the ad again while I was posting because I couldn't remember that it was for the Passat. And then I didn't say so in my post. Doh!

    The kids reaction when his dad beeps the car is priceless. I crack up everytime I watch it.

  3. I saw this vid passed around I was absolutely chuckling while I viewed it. I have to agree, the dad 'helping' his kid find his inner Force, was priceless.