Friday, February 18, 2011

Writerly Wisdom on Youtube

This seems to be the week for me running across interesting youtube videos about writing and writers.

First up Four Types of Bad Writers.

Neil Gaiman on copyright, piracy and the commercial value of the web.

The opposing point of view by Harlan Ellison (warning strong language)

Though in fairness, I don't think that Ellison and Gaiman are coming from the same place. Ellison is right, an interview with him on a DVD is not going to lead people to seeking out his written work. While Gaiman giving away his work for free will get him more fans.

As my dance teacher used to say, "That'll keep you busy." :)


  1. I find I vacillate between type 1 and type 2 (which you'd think would be a contradiction in terms), and resisting the impulses is darn tough. That whole video made me wince, though.

  2. ... minus the corporate speech. I am astonishingly lousy at technical terminology of any kind. I do some part-time computer repair work, and my boss makes fun of me for referring to things like "de-indexing."

  3. It's interesting that the first clip is referring to technical writers, but it also applies to creative writers.