Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Bit of a Maverick

It was suggested to me, that I put up some sample stories of what I am looking for. I thought about it and I am not going to do that. Because what will happen is that I'll put up a story about faeries or serial killers or a romance and then that is all that I will receive. It is not a subject or a genre or what's popular or what will sell that I am looking for, it is a very specific quality to the writing. I'm looking for stories that grab my attention, yank me into the story, and do not let me go until I get to the end.

I'm very picky about what I read for pleasure. My shelves are littered with novels that I put down and never finished reading. And they are filled with books that I stayed up all night reading because I could NOT put the book down. I mean that literally. I do not put the book down. My pets learned to get out of the way if I have a book in my hands as they have been stepped on a time or two as I make my way to the kitchen, book in hand, to forage for food.

So, in choosing what I will publish, I will be a bit of a maverick. I don't care about what's hot, what's selling, what the trends are. All I care about is a story which is compelling to read. Will I be successful or not with that approach? eh, we shall see ...

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