Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sparking the Muse

Some of my writer friends have complained about the theme for the first issue of "Emerald Tales" which is "Follow the Butterlies." *cue whiney voice* "How am I supposed to write a dark/thriller/horror/whatever story about BUTTERFLIES?"

Poor babies. You are a writer. You are a creative person. Use your imagination.

Two years ago, a writer friend of mine and I personally challenged each other to write against type for the next monthly challenge for our group. I prefer writing light and fluffy stories. She prefers writing dark stories. So, I was going for dark, she was going for light. We didn't know what the prompt was going to be when we made this challenge.

The prompt was "natural disaster." Now most of you are probably thinking that I had the easier job of coming up with a dark story for this prompt. But, this is what happened. She said, "Natural Disaster! How am I supposed to come up with a light and fluffy story for a natural disaster?" To which I replied, "Argggghh, I have so many light and fluffy ideas for a natural disaster story, how am I going to come up with a dark story for a natural disaster?"

The same writing prompt and we could come up with several ideas that fit the type of story we preferred to write, but had difficulty coming up with a story that went against our preferences.

The point? If I had asked for a light, fluffy story about butterflies, their whingeing would be understandable. But, I didn't.

The funny thing is I prefer writing light and I can think of several ways to take that prompt and turn it dark. A serial killer with a butterfly tattoo, a trail of dead butterflies leads to something horrible, an evil sorcerer uses butterflies to spread faerie dust. If I can come up with those ideas, surely those of you who like writing dark and twisted can come up with something that will blow me away.

Go! Write Now!


  1. Woo, I inspired a post with my stoopid comment!

    (First draft will be finished today.)

    Looking back, I can't believe I said something so daft lol :-)



  2. I don't see what the problem is. Butterflies burn same as zombies.


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  5. This post was inspired by conversations with my friends looking for additional inspiration. Sometimes one brain freezes up and needs a bit more juice to loosen it up. This was meant to inspire anyone else who might be stuck, not beat them over the head for having brain freezage.