Thursday, June 4, 2009

Junk Mail

Well, I've received my first pieces of business related junk mail. I guess that means that my attorney, Scott Krueger, has filed the incorporation paperwork with the state of Florida. LOL

Having done a bit of research on the web, I have discovered that most people who start up an ezine don't go to all the trouble that I have. I've gotten the distinct impression that a couple of pals get a great idea for launching an ezine, get a freeweb site, maybe a few submissions and then disappear. It's no wonder I got "yeah, sure, right, whatever" reactions from several people who will remain nameless and therefore guilty as hell and owing me an apology which I will never get. ... Where was I? ... From the very beginning I knew that I was going to do it "right." I remember a person, who was starting up an ebook company, joined a writing forum that I belonged to and was totally bewildered as to why no one was interested in submitting to her. I took a look at her website and there was no contact information, her domain was kept private, no easy way to legally track her down. I wouldn't have submitted anything to her. I know that she corrected that oversight, I have no idea if she is still in business or not.

So, the jist of that rambling paragraph is that I decided to make writers submitting their babies to me, feel as comfortable as I can. Scribblers and Ink Spillers, LLC, is incorporated. The paperwork is on file with the state of Florida. The website has my name, an address and phone number. If anyone has a complaint about the company they can do something about it. (I'm hoping there won't be any complaints, but you never know.)


  1. There are a LOT of shifty ezines out there. They often don't last long. Thankfully yours ain't one of 'em. :-)


  2. No. Mine will not be one of the "shifty" ones. ;) And I plan on babying this along until it can stand on it's own two feet.