Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Million Words

One of the blogs that I just started following is Adventures in Navy Wifing. I was looking at the side bar on the right with the goal counter thingies. I've noticed them before, but this time I really looked at them. Lori's goal for 2009 is One Million Words ... One. Million. Words. ... That's EIGHT normal length (125,000 words) novels written in one year. She is almost halfway to her goal. She will reach it.

Looking further down the right side, she has put up her finished drafts. Since September of last year, she has completed a draft for a novel every month except for February, but she completed three in December. It averages out to completing a novel in less than a month. She has contracts for two of them.

I am in awe.

One million words written in a year.

A novel every month.

I don't know who or what lit the fire under her butt to make her so productive, but if she bottled it and sold it to other aspiring novelists, she'd make a small fortune.

Go, Lori!


  1. Lori is a robot ninja from the future with pens for fingers.

    She'll hit her million easily. :-)


  2. Apparently, she is. She's not otherwise dangerous, is she?


  3. Yes. I am in awe of this woman. And she can write.

  4. Diana - some say I'm dangerous, but more to myself and small kitchen appliances. You're safe.

    Thanks all. :) You guys rock! :D

  5. As long as I keep you away from my toaster oven. ;)

    You're welcome,