Monday, September 14, 2009

Submissions From Friends

In a private message today, one of my writer friends said the reason he hasn't submitted anything to me is because he was concerned that I would accept his story just because we were friends. Uh. No. I don't work like that. And this is why: I started Scribblers and Ink Spillers to give talented writers a legitimate publishing credit. If I publish a story from an untalented friend or relative, then I diminish that credit. Friends actually get an extra layer of scrutiny. I ask myself "Would I accept this story if the writer was unknown to me?"

I have and will reject stories from friends if they don't work for the publication that they have submitted for.

The only thing being the friend to this editor will get you is a personal critique of your story if I pass on it.

The flip side of this isn't true. Stories from people that I know to be drama queens will have to be brilliant for me to consider them for publication. Life is too short to deal with a whingeing diva.

By the way, I was joking about the February theme in my previous post. I'm still thinking about it. Though, if someone wants to send me a story about "The purification of a love-struck groundhog suffering from cabin fever at Mardi Gras", I might consider putting it up on the website. ;)

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  1. Thank goodness you were joking because I'm all out of groundhog stories!