Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time's Up!

If you're planning on submitting a poem or short story for the "Masks or Appearances can be deceiving" issue of Emerald Tales (coming out on Ocotber 1st), then today is the last day for you to send in your submission. And no, it's not too late. The last issue had contributions that came in very early and one or two that came on the last day, so get a move on.

Now. I am open to suggestions for the theme for the February issue of Emerald Tales. All I can think of is Valentine's Day, Cupid, love ... meh, they've all been done before. So, put your thinking caps on and post your suggestions for a theme right here. Unless, of course, you WANT a trite-done-to-death theme for the February issue.

I'm also working on some free web content for the site. "A Special Friend" by Heather Gregson will be posted tomorrow or Wednesday. It was written for the Follow the Butterflies theme and will be added to the Emerald Tales page as a sample story for that issue. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

The Annals of Hypnosia is also coming along. I have almost everything that I need to get started with that on September 15th.

Crystal Codices is also taking shape. I have four stories lined up for the roll out of that line. They're all very compelling to read. More on that, later.

Oh and I am thinking of starting a line of stories only available on the site which can be read for free. But, I'm still letting that idea percolate before I put a call out for submissions.


  1. Okay, here's what I came up with if you decided to go with a Valentine's Day theme:

    "A Box of Chocolates"
    "Cupid's Quandary"
    "Secret Admirers"
    "Lover's Lane"

    Good luck with the submissions!

  2. How about going with "a light in the darkness" or "candles in the darkness" for Candlemas, which is Feb 2? (Also associated with Imbolc, the beginning of spring.)

  3. I should perhaps add that I'm not religious in the slightest, I just ended up researching this for a snazzy Manx tune I play. There's Groundhog's Day, too. ;-)

  4. All good suggestions. "Cupid's Quandary" could be interesting, but I can hear the horror writers and the other's who write dark stories whining now, "How am I going to get a serial killer story with THAT theme?!?"

    There's also Mardi Gras and Carnival in February ...

  5. Hmm...suggestions...perhaps something to do with Leap Day. I know there isn't one in 2010, but it still occurs in February. I also think something to do with purification might work, since February comes from februum meaning purification in Latin. *shrugs*

    And, yes, I'm a Latin nerd. *laughs*

  6. February's the start of mud season in New England... perhaps something like "Stuck in a Rut?" :0)


  7. What about something not so set on February's many holidays and meanings and such? Or even contrasting them? How about broken love? Or broken promises or endless winter... put out something the singles can take pleasure from in Feb... because we all know how bad it sucks to be single on the big V-day.

    Feb. comes just before people start getting the spring fever. Maybe something along those lines... cabin fever, spring fever. Just throwing out suggestions.

    And we horror people can write about anything. ;)