Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Dance

*does Happy Dance*

I'm up and running on the new server. *boogies*

It may take the rest of the day for everyone to see the pages, but they are there and we're good to go. *boogies*

Well almost good to go. I still have to set up the shopping cart program, but there is an order form for mail orders for Emerald Tales.

My biggest concern was moving the forum over to the new webhost, but except for a typo and me forgetting a few image files (the smilies ... How could I forget the smilies?!?), it went off without a hitch.

Bottomline: Emerald Tales, Volume One Number One "Follow the Butterflies" is now on sale through mailorder. It will available online as soon as I get the shopping cart set up. And I am barely one day late. *boogity boogity*

I would like to thank everyone who submitted a poem or story without your submissions, I couldn't do this.

The contributers to the first issue are:

Guy Belleranti - poem - "Butterflies"
Arthur Carey - short story - "Wedding Present"
Laurie Dalzell - short story - "Beware the Butterflies"
Catherine J. Gardner - short story - "Empty Box Motel"
Damien Walters Grintalis - poem - "Monarch"
Darrell Lindsey - poem - "Meadows"
Brandi Mauldin - short story - "Girls in White Dresses"
R. J. Payne - short story - "Other People's Homes"
Roxanne Rhoads - poem - "In the Clearing"
K. C. Shaw - short story - "Cult of the Butterfly"
Adam Slade - short story - "New Friends"
Erika Tracy - short story - "A Search Dog's Tryptych"


  1. Congrats on getting everything pulled together so quickly! It looks good!

    I was impressed with the first issue and reviewed it on my blog:

  2. Happy dance enjoyed... next time, though - more feathers!