Saturday, August 15, 2009

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Special Edition Published

WooHoo! The Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Special Edition of Emerald Tales Follow the Butterflies is done and up for sale on time. Actually, I finished it before midnight and could have uploaded the revised webpages and added the journal to the shopping cart, but I was tired and decided to take a wee nap first.

Kevin Anderson - How to Mount and Frame Fairies - short story
J.J. Beazley - The Visitor - short story
Chip Bland - Path to Paradise - short story
Amanda C. Davis - Silk for Moisture, Mud for Shine - short story
Jason Flum - Return of the Supes - short story
John Hayes - Butterfly Moon - poem
Neil James Hudson - The End of the World: A User's Guide - short story
Penn Kemp - All Hallow's in Tatters - poem
Tracie McBride - Lost in Translation - poem
Stephen D. Rogers - Season's of Change - short story
Lisa Rusczyk - White Butterfly - short story
Mercedes M. Yardley - one day - poem

I will say before someone growls at me that Kevin Anderson's "How to Mount and Frame Fairies" didn't fit the theme as well as the others, but it was too funny not to include in this special edition. I'm a sucker for amusing stories. And the world can do with a bit more laughter, don't you think?

The second issue was a lot easier than the first and didn't take as long to go from a folder of marked up files to finished document. I will say that if I decide to do a Special Edition of "Masks" that I'll publish it on November 1st to give me a bit more breathing room between publications.

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